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College Rugby Association of America’s D1A Men’s Division released its December 2022 Power Rankings on Thursday, December 22nd to close out the year.   Navy retains its #1 ranking heading into 2023 and will defend its position with fixtures versus Cal and Army in the New Year.

During our review of rankings in the off-season, we wanted to install a new way to calculate rankings. One that rewards teams through performance and peer review.  We came up with a solution!  A weighted-average calculation to develop D1A Power Rankings.  The key variables in the equation are a collection of in-conference performance, out of conference performance, strength of schedule and peer polling scores.

The CRAA D1A Power Rankings create a fair and transparent process.  The newly launched rankings ensure that coaches, media, performance and peers have a seat at the table to build the ultimate college rugby ranking system.

The mission of CRAA D1A Men’s Rugby is to develop a platform that elevates the performance standards of domestic, collegiate rugby players and coaches – Preparing these collegiate rugby players and coaches for immediate immersion into professional domestic competitions and International Test Rugby.   Our goal is to play more quality XVs rugby throughout the year, creating development opportunities for players, coaches and referees with proper development plans for all.


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